SUZUKI ERTIGA GX Specs, Design, Price and Picture


SUZUKI Ertiga GX standing on the platform with the second generation Suzuki Swift adjustment. That means it uses a model chassis and independent suspension MacPherson strut front and torsion beam equipped with a slug in the back. Embedded coded K14B engine with a capacity of 1373 cc and DOHC valve VVT technology. This is a machine-coded K which has the largest capacity. The resulting maximum power is 95 hp at 6,000 rpm. While maximum torque is 130 Nm record that appears at 4,000 rpm. Performance is dated with the 5-speed manual transmission that can drive the front wheels.

SUZUKI ERTIGA GX Specs, Design, Price and Picture

SUZUKI ERTIGA GX Specs, Design, Price and Picture

Engine block is made with aluminum base material to save weight, and is claimed to work with minimal friction. In addition, hydraulic engine mounting also makes more engine vibration damped. Exterior section, with dimensions (LxWxH) 4265 mm x 1695 mm x 2740 mm, his face showing shades Splash / Swift with large headlamps and seemed drawn back. Front grille too, although wider, but will instantly remind the Splash. Large Circumference front fender and firmly underlined makes it look manly and classy. The back looks normal with the trunk door that opens upward and provide broad access. Taillights remind us the owner of the SX-4, although the design is widened to the front side. While at the top of the spoiler that is integrated with the trunk gave a positive touch.

Which makes us wonder is wide enough side-opening rear doors. In addition to a fairly wide door, the door can open almost 90 degrees. It is of course easy access to get into the middle row. According to Suzuki, they have worked hard to reduce the interference of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness / noise, vibration and harshness) on the Ertiga. Usually the cars are sold at a price below 200 million, it is indeed disturbing. Starting from the engine sound a bit noisy and the suspension is quite rough. Thick absorbers also placed on the roof, as well as some parts of the floor. In addition, Suzuki also designed with a thick rubber door model of the balloon, so the sound is not easy to enter. Even though the door rubber clamp, designed to block out the sound.

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SUZUKI ERTIGA GX Specs, Design, Price and Picture

MPV class vehicles usually have a problem with the aerodynamics. The figure is relatively high and long to be one contributing factor to the wind resistance. SUZUKI Ertiga GX makes some things to handle. First, the rear roof design made with slightly decreased. Moreover, the curve of a meeting between the mirror and the door is not angled, so that air can flow more smoothly. Moreover, the windshield is tilted, so that the flow of air from the front glass can slide smoothly.


Wide field of view, despite the low seating position. That’s the first impression while sitting in the driver’s seat. And with the use of the color beige, Suzuki Ertiga GX feels luxurious. Because color also gives the interior a relief effect. Material interior does look are like “the plastic”, but with plastic motif as it makes it look elegant and not cheap. Beige color is also pinned on the chair. Especially for the driver, the seat height can be adjusted to obtain the ideal sitting position. The sitting position on Ertiga is fairly low for a car the size MPV. But this is still higher than the Swift.

Overview SUZUKI ERTIGA GX Specs, Design, Price and Picture


Amid the dashboard, there is a double din head unit that can play CD / DVD, USB and even radio. Audio settings can be done from the steering wheel, which is not owned by a rival. Meanwhile, although the instrument cluster meters before the driver is fine, but still comfortable and clear to be seen. The second row seats can be moved as far as 240 mm for comfortable leg room independently, and can be folded 60:40 to increase storage space. Amenities are pretty full at this point, ranging from easy access as stated earlier up arm rest and the storage. Unfortunately not yet available AC power to cool the cabin double back, even though it is a big problem because of wind gusts could reach the rear AC. Overall the interior design of the Suzuki Ertiga pretty good, audio settings which can be set from the steering wheel, dual airbags and safety features of the middle seat can be forward-backward.

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